About Lynn

Lynn, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.
Vital Facts About Lynn, MA

Lynn, Massachusetts is a great town about five miles to the north of Boston, and it is rich in history with a diverse population. We can provide you with tons of information on this city, is population, and its residents. Lynn first became a town in 1629, and it officially switched to the title of city in 1850, which means that it has a much longer, deeper history than most town in the United States. Still, though, the city isn’t stifled by history but is instead enriched by it, and it now features a largely multicultural downtown area and plenty of culture in the suburbs, as well.

This city is located in Essex County and is surrounded by smaller towns like Peabody, Revere, Nahant, Marblehead, and Lynnfield. The city is the ninth largest population-wise in Massachusetts with about 89,000 residents living there. It used to be a manufacturing town with tanneries everywhere, but now many of the factories make shoes, and these factories supply jobs for much of the city’s population.

This city features a variety of community organizations, including historical societies, family-oriented non-profits, and societies aimed at protecting and preserving the many natural beauties and resources of the Lynn, MA area. Some community groups include the Friends of the Lynn-Nahant Beach, The Boys and Girls Club, the Food Project, Inc., and the Goldfish Pond Association. These community groups offer valuable services and resources to the surrounding community, and they also offer a great way for newcomers to connect with like-minded individuals.

As for some financial statistics, the cost of living in Lynn is a little higher than the national average, and the local median income is just under $40,000. The median home price for the city is $230,000, which is about average for the larger area. As compared to the rest of the country, the city has a very high rate of cultural attractions, natural attractions, and shopping availability.

Some of the best parts about Lynn, MA are its history and natural attractions. The area is surrounded by beautiful beaches and forests, and the city itself has one of the nation’s largest municipal parks, which is really more like a major reserve. Plus, the city has gorgeous old homes and features some ancient brick and cobblestone construction that is very interesting for anyone who is into history and very beautiful even to those who generally prefer modernity.


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