Lynn Arts and Culture

Indulge in the arts of Lynn, Massachusetts.
Finding Arts and Entertainment in Lynn, MA

Luckily for many travelers who are interested in the arts and culture scenes, Lynn, MA is located right outside of Boston. This beautiful town is within a short drive of Boston, and, while it has some of its own arts and entertainment venues, many visitors will enjoy driving into the larger city to enjoy attractions like the Museum of Fine Art Boston and the Opera House in Boston. First, though, here are a couple of the cultural attractions in Lynn itself.

One of the places that interested Lynn visitors and new residents should visit is that Lynn Museum and Historical Society. This museum is run by the 100-year-old society that it is named for, and it features all kinds of information on the city and its interesting history. Since this town has been around since the 1600’s, a visit to the historical museum in town is definitely worthwhile. Visitors can also find some smaller art museum and galleries to enjoy in town.

After these attractions, though, most Lynn visitors will probably choose to drive into Boston for a day or two, since no one would want to miss the Boston area attractions, anyway. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston has hundreds of attractions and collections, and it is almost always featuring an interesting special exhibit or two. This spring, it featured an exhibit on flowers, and other exhibits include things like ancient Egyptian art. If you wish to visit the Museum, you’re in luck because you can buy tickets ahead of time. There are often lines of people waiting to buy tickets to get into the museum, but by buying tickets online before you visit, you can save plenty of time and hassle, giving you more time to enjoy the art.

The other major artistic attraction in the Lynn area is the Boston Opera House. This gorgeous Opera House is far beyond the days of featuring just opera, and now it often plays host to a variety of shows and musicals. Before you plan a visit to this area, it’s a good idea to hop online to see what’s currently playing at the Opera House so that you can buy tickets in advance. Again, buying your tickets online ahead of time will save you lots of time and hassle and will keep you from standing in line on the day that you decide to see a show.


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