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What Jobs are Available in Lynn, MA?

Lynn, Massachusetts is a great place to live and work, but if you’re thinking about finding a job in the area, you might be wondering just what is available. You’re in luck because there are a variety of jobs available in the area, including jobs in business, education, and manufacturing.

One form of Lynn, MA employment is working downtown in the manufacturing district. Whether you’re an engineer or a skilled laborer, you might be able to find a job in this area. There are jobs in a wide variety of manufacturing areas, but some of the most prolific jobs in the area are in the shoe industry, which took root in Lynn hundreds of years ago and is still prevalent in the area today.

The booming, multicultural downtown area also plays host to many Lynn, MA jobs. There are plenty of jobs to be had in business and retail, and there are also lots of part time jobs available for restaurant workers, retail salespeople, and more. To find part-time jobs, you can search the web or start looking at jobs in person when you get to Lynn.

Another major job sector in town is for those who work in the medical and education fields. Like with most other areas, there are plenty of hospitals and schools in the Lynn, MA area, and people who are experienced in these areas will have no trouble finding suitable jobs.

Many people who live in Lynn actually commute to Boston, since it is only five miles away. Obviously this huge metropolitan area offers a wide variety of jobs to people in all sorts of employment situations, including jobs in business, the legal sector, arts and entertainment, and more. If you are looking for jobs in Boston but want to live in Lynn, which is smaller and may seem homier for many people, check out jobs on the north side of town, since Lynn is located to the north of the metro area.

As you can see, job opportunities in Lynn, MA are varied, but you will have to look for jobs just like you would with any other city. Checking online is the best way to look for specific job listings. When looking for Lynn, MA employment, it can be a great idea to start looking with online job search websites, but you can also talk to locals or even look in the local classifieds, as well.


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