Lynn Mortgages

Find a great rate in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Real Estate Mortgages in Lynn, MA

Finding a Lynn mortgage is pretty easy, especially with the big city of Boston nearby. This doesn’t meant that you can’t find a lender and a suitable mortgage right in town for your home or condominium, but you can certainly find exactly what you’re looking for within a few minutes of the area to which you are moving. Before you start looking at Lynn homes, it’s important to find a realtor and to spend some time discussing local mortgage rates.

Basically, the Lynn, Massachusetts mortgage rates are about the same as those around the rest of the country. Right now, the rates are fairly low, but they are expected to rise over the next few months. One good thing that potential Lynn homebuyers should know is that the home prices in the area, while still low from the recent crisis, are starting to rise. This rise means that it’s a great time to buy a home in Lynn. You can still get in on excellent prices and mortgage rates, but you don’t have to worry about your home not appreciating and being a good investment over time.

According to many real estate experts, you can usually get the best deals and service from small local banks. Credit unions, in particular, tend to offer good rates and great personalized service. If this is the type of service that you’re looking for, here is contact information for a few of the smaller banks in the Lynn area that will offer this kind of service for your mortgage:

Brotherhood Credit Union: 75 Market Street Lynn, MA 781.598.5555

Community Credit Union of Lynn: 1 Andrew Street Lynn, MA 781.598.0820

Lynn Police Credit Union: 300 Washington Street Lynn, MA 781.595.2000

Metropolitan Credit Union: 475 Western Avenue Lynn, MA 781.581.0504

St. Jean’s Credit Union: 250 Maple Street Lynn, MA 781.592.5420

Riverworks Credit Union: 947 Western Avenue Lynn, MA 781.599.0153

Lynn Fireman’s Federal Credit Union: 676 Western Avenue Lynn, MA 781.593.8354

With most of these credit unions, you must become a member in order to receive services. For some, you’ll have to be connected to someone who is part of the community that supports and owns the credit union, but these days, you can normally become part of a credit union without too much trouble. The best way to find out about Lynn mortgage rates is to gather your financial information and to give the mortgage department of one of these credit unions a call today.


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