Lynn Museums

Artifacts from the Revolutionary War are on display at Lynn, Massachusetts museums.
Museums to Visit in Lynn, MA

Whether you’re visiting Lynn, Massachusetts or moving there for a while, you have got to visit some of the area’s museums. This city has a rich, long history, and it dates from the times of the earliest settlers in America. It also has a history during the Civil War, and it has museums that commemorate both the earliest history of the area and the history of this particular city during the great Civil War.

The main Lynn museum is one that is orchestrated by the city’s hundred-year-old historical society. This museum recently moved to a new, larger building, and it houses tons of exhibits on the earliest history of Lynn, MA. The museum has regular collections of art, mostly featuring the beautiful natural attractions of the area, which have drawn and delighted artists for centuries, tools and equipment that were once used in this highly agricultural area, as well as raw materials and products from the thriving textile factories that used to be situated throughout Massachusetts.

This museum offers an interesting historical perspective on where Lynn, MA has been over the years, so anyone who is visiting or moving to the city can discover plenty of interesting things about the area. The other museum in the area is called the Grand Army of the Republic Museum, and it features collections and archives from the Civil War area.

This particular museum is a great place for those who are interested in antebellum life, the Civil War itself, or simply history in general. Kids can also enjoy many of this museum’s exhibits, from which they can learn much about life during the Civil War, especially on the East Coast. Interestingly enough, this museum was actually built in a spot where a section of the army used to meet in the town, so its history is built in place as well as on the collections and exhibits the museum features.

Both of these museums are interesting for both Lynn residents and people who are visiting the area for business or vacation. Each of the museums has its own website where you can check out current special exhibits. Right now, for instance, the Lynn Museum has a historical exhibit on the politics of the Lynn area that will run through the spring of 2010 and will feature lots of interesting information and artifacts from Lynn politics throughout the years.


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