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There's schools for all grade levels in Lynn, Massachusetts.
All about the Public Schools in Lynn, MA

The schools in the Lynn, MA district are divided intothirteen elementary schools, two middle schools, one junior/senior high school,two regular high schools, and one technical and vocational school. Childrenwill go to different schools depending on where they live, but the schooldistrict has recently enacted a desegregation plan so that some children are busedto different schools in order to create more diversity at each of thedistrict’s schools. Here are addresses and contact information for the Lynn schools:

Aborn Elementary: 409 Eastern Ave Lynn, MA 01902 (781)477-7320

BrickettElementary: 123 Lewis Street Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7333

Julia F.Callahan Elementary: 200 O'Callaghan Way Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7340

Cobbet Elementary: 40 Franklin Street Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7341

William P. ConneryElementary 50 Elm Street, Lynn, MA (781)477-7344

DrewiczElementary: 34 Hood Street Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7350

(Robert L.) Ford Elementary: 49 Hollingsworth Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7375

(E.J.)Harrington Elementary: 21 Dexter Street Lynn, MA 01902 (781)477-7380

Hood Elementary: 24 Oakwood Ave Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7390

Ingalls Elementary: 1 CollinsStreet Terrace Lynn, MA 01902 (781)477-7400

Lincoln-Thomson Elementary: 115 GardinerLynn, MA 01905 (781)477-7460

Lynn Woods Elementary: 31 Trevett Ave Lynn, MA 01904(781)477-7433

Sewell-Anderson Elementary: 25 Ontario Street Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7444

ShoemakerElementary School: 26 Regina Rd Lynn, MA 01904 (781)477-7450


(EdwardA.)  Sisson Elementary: 58 Conomo Ave Lynn, MA 01904 (781)477-7455

Tracy Elementary: 35 Walnut Street Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7466

WashingtonElementary: 58 Blossom Stree Lynn, MA  01902 (781)477-7401

Breed MiddleSchool: 90 O'Callaghan Way Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7330

(Thurgood) Marshall Middle School: 19 Porter Street Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7360


PickeringMiddle School: 70 Conomo Ave Lynn, MA 01904(781)477-7440

Fecteau- Leary Junior/Senior HighSchool: 33 North Common St Lynn, MA 01902 (781)268-3000


ClassicalHigh School: 235 O'Callaghan Way Lynn, MA 01905(781)477-7404

Lynn EnglishHigh School: 50 Goodridge Street Lynn, MA 01902(781)477-7366

LynnVocational Technical Institute:80 Neptune Blvd Lynn, MA 01902 (781)477-7420

As you can see, theschools in the area are rather spread out, and there are lots of elementaryschools to choose from. Not all of the elementary schools take the same agegroups, either. If you are wondering where your children would end up if youmoved to a certain part of Lynn,it’s a good idea to call the school administrator’s office. Here is theinformation for that office:

Lynn Public Schools -Administrative Offices
90 Commercial Street Lynn, MA 01905
(781) 593-1680

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