Lynn Shopping

Shop 'till you drop in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Get Ready to Shop in Lynn

As a multi-cultural area just outside of a major city, Lynn, Massachusetts offers a wide variety of shopping options. Whether you choose to stick with the shops in town or head to Boston for some of the east coast’s largest malls and shopping areas, you’ll definitely be able to find what you want during a stay in Lynn. Here are just a few of the Lynn, MA shopping locations for your enjoyment:

B&M Treasure Chest: 512 Boston Street Lynn, MA 01905

This little shop specializes in a hodge-podge of items, including antiques, furniture, and cute home decorations. It has lots of interesting items, so it’s a good idea to just stop in and look around.

Lynnway Mart: 800 Lynnway Lynn, MA 01902

This large indoor mall and outdoor flea market has tons of interesting shops and booths spread over three acres. If you like the joy of the hunt, you’ll love shopping here, where you can find everything from antiques to collectibles to souvenirs to take home.

Stacey’s Home Décor: 26 Joyce Street Lynn, MA 01902

This small shop offers lots of interesting decorations for the home, including area rugs, folding doors and partitions, and upholstery. It also offers installation, which can be great for those who are relocating to Lynn and are in the process of redecorating a new home!

Salt Water City: 51 Munroe Street Lynn, MA 01902

Here’s something you don’t see every day: an aquarium store that specializes in just salt water fish. You can find tons of different fish varieties here in this store that has over 5,000 gallons of aquariums for your shopping pleasure!

As you can see, many of the shops in the Lynn area are small and locally owned. They are interesting and unique, but if you want a shopping experience featuring all of your favorite brand-name chain stores, all you have to do is take a quick trip into Boston. The Boston area shopping experience is a little different. You can still find many interesting antique stores and small, locally owned shops in the historical and artsy districts of town, but you can also find some major malls where the new developments are. No matter what you need or want, you’ll definitely be able to find it in Boston. So, spend some time browsing the tiny shops in the Lynn area, and then if you can’t find what you want, head to the big city.


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