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The beach is a major attraction for Lynn, Massachusetts residents and visitors.
Visiting Beautiful Lynn Woods

One of the main attractions of Lynn, MA for both visitors and residents is Lynn Woods Reservation. This place is actually a municipal park, but it has the feel of a state reserve, since it is huge and forested. There are plenty of things to do in Lynn Woods, and nature lovers everywhere can enjoy the park’s beautiful trails and interesting history. While there are lots of other things to do in Lynn, visitors would be remiss if they didn’t take some time to enjoy this amazing park.

This reservation is almost 130 years old, and it is 2,200 acres of various types of landscapes and activities. The bulk of the park is taken up by wooded areas filled with rugged, hilly hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, but there are some formal areas, as well, including a garden and an amphitheater. Although Lynn Woods Reservation doesn’t have any natural ponds, it does have three large reservoirs that are use to give clean water to the city. These reservoirs look somewhat natural and blend quite well into the feel of the park, but people are not allowed to swim or boat in them because of the fact that they make up the city’s fresh water supply.

Many who visit Lynn Woods do so to take place in various sporting events. Hiking is great for the whole family, and mountain bikes can also be ridden in the spring, summer, and fall months on particular trails. The park also features cross country skiing in the winter, and in the summertime, weekly running events are held on the trails here, many of which are free and open to the public. Plus, families with children can enjoy Dungeon Rock, an underground tunnel surrounded by pirate stories.

Those who wish to do something a little less strenuous can enjoy a slow stroll and take a picnic in the park. Although no fire is allowed, so as to protect the forest from its dangers, there are several picnic areas where you can enjoy a packed lunch in the beauty of nature. There are often events held at the amphitheater, and sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a wedding in the Rose Garden.

Overall, anyone who is moving to or visiting Lynn, MA should definitely not miss Lynn Woods, which offers fun activities and a relaxing environment for all sorts of people and which is a treasured part of the Lynn community.


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