Event Details

Join us for an upbeat music-driven, sweat-breaking, heart-pumping, mind-mastering, whole-body and soul emerging event. This cardio-strength combination class alternates strength exercises and cardio blasts to sculpt every major muscle group. It starts slow then the pace will pick up along with increasing your endurance performing various sculpting exercises for the whole body without the use of additional weights. The class ends gently with a vinyasa sequence, followed by a well deserved yin stretch and savasana. This is fun opportunity to balance out your yoga practice, cultivate your inner fire and power the capabilities of your heart. All the mental focus of a flow and challenge of interval training with easy-to-follow steps will leave you feeling soulful and strong.

  • When: Sat Feb. 23
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

  • Address: 271 Western Avenue
    Lynn MA,US 01904

  • Web: Visit Website