A Report on the Jobst Company

Jobst is a company founded by Conrad Jobst that offers medical hosiery as well as bandages.  This company has been in business for well over 50 years, and is so sure of their products that they offer a satisfaction guarantee on every product they sell.  The founder himself suffered from a venous disease, so he knew how important strong support hosiery was to an ill person. 

The brand offers many different products.  A big seller is support wear for men and women of all sizes and needs.  These items are worn by people who have desks jobs, and who end the day with achy legs, to those with serious medical conditions that use the compression wear to help increase circulation.  Many companies gear their leg wear towards women, but this company offers a vast selection of items for men, from dressy to sporty.  Imagine finding the leg support you need, while wearing what looks like regular business socks!  Jobst offers all of this and much more. 

Another big selling product is called SensiFoot, which is a pair of special socks designed for those dealing with diabetes.  These socks have lots of extra padding in the whole foot area, and are made from an antifungal material that also wicks moisture away, keeping feet dry and safe.  They offer a mild form of compression as well as a smooth interior for comfort. 

Jobst also offers custom wear for those looking for an exact fit.  Elvarex, Bellavar and Seamless Soft are the names of these custom products.  You can choose the color and the fit so that you get exactly the support and design you want.  This company also offers compression bandages in non-woven styles, tubular style, and stretchy types.  This items are used to help reduce swelling before a compression sock or other item is used. 

Whatever type of compression wear you need, the Jobst Company has the right item for the job.  From leg support, to diabetic socks, to bandages and post surgery wear, let this giant among other medical site companies show you the best products on the health market today.  Over 50 years of happy customers cannot be wrong! 

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