Access to Company Records Must be Privileged

Access to Company Records Must be Privileged

Company theft is most often thought of as stealing tangible items. Yet, stealing information is a problem all companies face. When too many employees have too much access to vital company data problems can occur. Sometime, mistakes do happen and files can be deleted. On the other hand, it is possible files are being deleted by a disgruntled employee who does not need access to vital client data. It is important to control access to your servers, and the way to do that is with least privilege whitepapers.

Access to the company database must be based on the least privilege principle. In other words, access to certain company records should be based on the need to do the job. Company information can be stolen, altered, and deleted. Controlling access to data based on the need to do the job makes your business instantly more secure. Make sure your employees can read your least privilege whitepapers, because it is important they know what information theft can do to your business. All employees have a stake in the well-being of your company; after all it is their livelihood that is on the line too.

Of course, no one wants to lose admin privileges. You must attack this in a delicate manner, because egos are bound to be hurt. Yet, the needs of the company outweigh a hurt ego. Today’s customer is demanding and more unforgiving than ever before. If sensitive information about an important client is leaked into the wrong hands, you can expect your company to lose customers, vendors, and your reputation most certainly will be dealt a black eye. However, implementing the least privilege whitepapers principle assures the longevity of all your livelihoods.

Another reason to implement the least privilege whitepapers principle is virus and malware litter the Internet. A virus can do serious damage to networks. Yet, by limiting access to the network this risk is significantly minimized. Equally important, a low level employee who is unhappy, but has some technical knowhow is prevented from doing willful damage to vital records.

Finally, information theft is a problem all companies face. This problem can be instantly reduced simply by implementing access permissions to your network. An employee who has no business in accessing vital records is not allowed to damage. Implementing the least privilege whitepapers principle ensures your company remains profitable for all your employees.