An Intro to the Power Vibe from Scriphessco

You may not believe that standing on a vibrating platform can give your body a workout, but the Power Vibe from Scriphessco does just that. It uses vertical vibration of the entire body that actually promotes everything from healing to toning.

Here is how it works: You stand on the small platform at the base of the device and use the control panel to decide the frequency that is most appropriate to your needs. You then use one of the time settings to begin a training program designed specifically for the Power Vibe from Scriphessco. There are specialized straps and movements that help you to tone the body or to increase your flexibility over the course of only a few minutes.

You may wonder how the Power Vibe from Scriphessco can do these things, and it really has to do with those frequencies mentioned above. For example, in the body, we have the circulatory system that includes our lymph nodes and channels. These circulate the fluid known as lymph, but there are many times that the contractions of the muscles and the pressure in the circulatory system prevents lymph from moving properly. At such times, we experience the swelling known as edema. This we can see very often in the feet and lower legs. If you were to introduce mild vibrating hums through the muscles, they will respond and begin moving and draining fluid away from the area. This is what a ten-minute session on the Power Vibe from Scriphessco can do for you!

Remember too that it is also designed with special clips and straps that you use to tone and strengthen the upper body as well. Those same vibrating frequencies will also stimulate the muscles to contract and move better as well. When this occurs, you can gain a much deeper amount of toning because the nerves have been activated.

Yes, it seems unusual that frequencies and vertical vibrations can create such beneficial effects, but many physicians, coaches, physical trainers, and therapists are now prescribing the use of this device for their programs simply because it works so well. Whether you are in need of some support during incidents of edema, or whether you are looking to increase strength and flexibility in a new and unique way, this device is ideally suited to the task. It can be used in a clinical setting, but it is also a great investment for the home user too.

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