An Introduction to Paintball Gear

An Introduction to Paintball Gear

What exactly is the essential paintball gear? After all, there are so many little “extras” available today that it is hard to know what the true beginner needs. Do they have to have a special sort of gun or costly clothing? The simplest answer is that a basic list of paintball gear would include a mask, gun, hopper, air tank, and paintballs.

That’s really all that is necessary to enjoy the game of paintball. Naturally, the other item on the list would be the “rules” for the specific type of game. For instance, there are “scenario” games that require more advanced paintball gear than what is listed, but then there are the really simple versions of paintballing that are very similar to the kid’s game Capture the Flag.

It is this sort of game that can allow you to use the simplest paintball gear available. The thing that would be most important during such games, however, is safety. This is what drives a lot of paintball players to invest in special clothing and padding in addition to the mask or goggles listed.

For instance, clothes that can reduce the sting of the paintballs as they hit their marks, and which can protect regular clothing from being ruined are very popular. A lot of people purchase special gear for their guns in order to make them fire faster or with more accuracy. There are also special tanks that a lot players invest in as a way of letting them play without running out of ammunition.

Basically, the trick to getting the right gear as a beginner is to understand the terrain in which you will be playing, the rules of the game, and the objectives of the game. This will help you to know if you need any specialized shoes, clothing or gear.

Once you understand what is required, you may want to head to a specialty vendor because they make package deals readily available. Whether you learn that you will be playing a pretty advanced form of paintball or just a very simple and fun outdoor game, the package deals can provide you with tremendous financial savings. They also eliminate the need to use more than a single vendor to get all of your paintball equipment. Package deals are also available for teams as well, and this is a good way to start a league or to create a new team without a huge amount of expense or difficulty too.