Career Options with a Bachelor in Nursing in Massachusettes

Earning a BSN and starting a career as a nurse is an exciting step in your life. What is even more exciting is the number of ways that you can use your degree to create a fulfilling career as a nurse. There are, of course, those careers that are most commonly linked with nursing. Working in a hospital or in a doctor’s office is what most people think of for a nursing career.

Becoming a nurse in a hospital offers a very wide variety of roles.

Some nurses will offer their services in the ER. The need for a quick response to life threatening conditions with the mental agility to respond to any number of injuries or symptoms is exactly what some nurses want from their careers.

Others will become the floor nurse that sees a patient through a complete cycle, seeing the condition resolve and the patient leave the hospital. Some nurses like this process as they can see the daily improvement of the patient.

Others will use their BSN to work in one of the hospital’s services. Radiology, surgery, obstetrics and a variety of other activities all require the skills of a nurse. Usually these activities will occur during normal business hours, so nurses with families that require them to be with kids or family may want to consider these career paths.

The second significant career path is with a doctor’s practice.

This career choice commonly includes a more varied set of daily activities. There is, of course, working with patients, but there is also blood testing, other testing and a whole set of office activities. Depending on the size of the practice, you as the nurse become an integral part of a team that delivers health care to your patients.

A version of that is the full service HMO office where there are many professionals and a large number of patients.

In addition to medical facilities, there are, a number of other career paths that you can take to use your BSN.

Many companies have a nurse on their staff to deal with day-to-day complaints of their employees. Not taking the part of the physician, but offering help for more simple problems.

Then there is, of course, the traditional school nurse. Working on a school day schedule, it is a career path that is attractive to nurse who have school age kids and who want to be with their families when they are home. Administering prescribed medications, checking out who has symptoms of a cold or the flu, arranging for more serious cases to be referred to a doctor or nearby hospital.

All in all, a BSN opens you up to a real profession. As a professional, you are recognized for your specialized knowledge and talents. You will be recognized as a part of a very important part of our society.

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