Choose the Right Massage Table Accessories

The single most important piece of equipment in your massage parlor is a massage table, and that means that you want to be careful when selecting the table you ultimately want in use at your business. It doesn’t stop there, however. Real professional massage therapists understand that the table is only the first step, and that choosing the right massage table accessories is essential in giving each client a wonderful experience every time. You must be serious about hygiene and comfort when you run a massage parlor, and the first step to that is understanding massage table accessories and the latest medical info.

The face rest is one of the most often selected massage table accessories. Your clients will be spending quite a bit of time lying face down on your table, and you want to make sure that their time is comfortable no matter what position they are lying in. Lying face down on a pillow isn’t exactly the definition of comfort, so you want to select a face rest that will give the face and head gentle support while you provide massage therapy. Choose from many adjustable options and make sure that you also include disposable face rest pad covers in your supply closet as well.

Other popular massage table accessories include arm and feet supports. While your client could always just rely on the table itself, many massage therapists choose to give added support with these additional rests. This will give your clients a convenient place to put their limbs during massage. For taller patients, foot supports can prove to be invaluable. Imagine how hard it would be to enjoy a massage half hanging off the massage table!

When it comes time to buy your massage table accessories, you may not be sure on where to shop. It is a fine idea to start at your local medical supply store, but know that you probably won’t have many options, and the prices will be higher than you may want to pay. That is because competition is low for these types of supply stores. When you shop online, however, you will find greater competition and lower prices. You can also find options to buy in bulk, so disposable items for your massage therapy practice will be easier to buy in the quantities you desire. Choose a medical supply company carefully, and start by investigating customer reviews and contacting the Better Business Bureau. 

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