Choosing The Right Massage Table

Whether you are looking to expand your skills as a massage therapist for a hobby or for a career, choosing the right massage table is one of the most important first steps. These days, many people are realizing the health benefits of a properly executed massage. Bringing this healing tool into your own home will save money as well as creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere your friends and family are sure to enjoy. massage therapist

There are quite a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for a massage table. First you must consider whether you want a stationary table to keep at home, or something portable you can take with you.

If you are planning on working as a freelance massage therapist, it could be beneficial to have something portable you can bring to a client's residence. If you are just taking up massage therapy as a hobby, a stationary table in your home would probably suffice. The lines are blurred of course, as some professionals prefer their clients come to them, and some hobbyists enjoy bringing their massage table to a friend's house! It is wise to consider your needs and decide for yourself. You could always purchase one style, and then get the other, should the need arise.

Another important aspect to consider is the table's height. Attempting to massage someone at an uncomfortable level will not only decrease the quality of the massage, but it will leave the massage therapist with sore joints and muscles in the wrist and arms.

One option to solve this problem would be to buy an adjustable table. These handy tables usually have telescoping legs that will allow the massage therapist to customize the table to fit whatever height is most comfortable. This is especially useful for those just beginning to learn about massage therapy, so they can find out what the perfect height for them is.

As a massage therapist, you should consider the entire experience for the client. Massage therapy is not just about rubbing sore muscles. Scented oils, soothing music, and mood lighting are simple ways to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Every day there is exciting new breakthroughs in health news about the mind and body health connection. Massage therapy ties in directly with these wellness principles. As you begin choosing the right massage table for your needs, keep in mind that you have the potential to change people's lives for the better. Your table is one of the most important tools for this job, so choose wisely.


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