Constructability Review: A Necessary First Step


Compiling a construction project bid involves a thorough investigation of probable costs, delay factors, and price adjustments. One of the major problems of calculating the project schedule is ascertaining the final price tag associated with subcontractors. Constructing a review of the project bid is a specialty of PC Associates.

Many of the hidden costs that result in an inordinate amount of overhead expenses can be located during the initial planning phase. PC Associates works closely with the construction firm or design architect and discovers possible problems with scheduling, materials availability, and labor costs on the part of the subcontractors.

Introducing RemedyCheck®
A detailed constructability review is a multi-step process, designed to catch potential problems at various intervals during the planning phase of a new construction project. Failure to catch omissions, costs of certain supplies, and changes in materials requirements accounts for a large percentage of a construction company's overhead expenses.

Bringing in a project on time and on budget is absolutely critical in the construction industry. PC Associates works as an outside party dedicated to virtually eliminating expenses associated with order changes, overtime labor charges, and unforeseen fees. The RemedyCheck® system is a proven method of catching errors and omissions before breaking ground at the construction site.

PreView And OverView
PC Associates implements a PreView phase that involves looking at the initial construction plan. The probable costs are analyzed closely, and the preliminary schedule for the project is examined in detail. Adherence to building, fire, and environmental codes is paramount at this stage of the project development.

The OverView phase is implemented at 50-60 percent completion of the construction documents. Any design changes, cost adjustments, and labor scheduling that needs attention is given priority.

The ReView Phase
Put into action at 90 percent completion of construction documents, the ReView phase focuses on final cost estimates and the coordination between designer and contractors. The detailed scheduling of the project is analyzed and any schedule changes are implemented at this time.

The RemedyCheck® Advantage
PC Associates offers designers and construction contractors an outsider's viewpoint. Many of the oversights and design flaws are not noticed by the architects and site managers because their attention is on the project itself rather than the workability template. Partnering with an experienced constructability review firm saves a development team money by eliminating most - if not all - design change costs and labor expense overruns.

It is in the best interest of a design firm to let a specialist review all plans for construction, adherence to building codes, and feasibility of infrastructural concepts. The experts at PC Associates can quickly locate scheduling flaws, timeline inconsistencies, and problems with labor cost predictions. The result is an accurate, professionally designed building proposal on the part of the design or construction firm.


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