Excellent Ideas for a Wedding on a Tight Budget

Looking for excellent ideas for a wedding on a tight budget? You're in good company and lots of luck! In this era of style dictated by unique, homemade goods from the all-powerful Pinterest and Etsy, the DIY esthetic has never been more chic. Nor has it ever been so easy; the internet is teeming with articles, videos, and blogs to give you ideas and show you exactly how to make them a reality. (Not to mention the impossibility of flipping through television channels without coming across four or five wedding shows.)

Here are the top five money-saving excellent ideas for a wedding on a tight budget:

1. Make your own bouquet and centerpieces from flowers purchased in bulk

Buying flowers in bulk directly from nurseries or florists not only saves you the notoriously high costs of wedding flower arrangements; making your bouquets and centerpieces is a fabulous way to personalize your decor. Flower arranging is even touted as a stress-relieving activity- something brides and wedding planners may especially appreciate.

To add flourish to your bouquets and centerpieces, peacock feathers are a stunning option. They can be purchased in bulk, along with ostrich feathers, glassware, vases, candles, and candle holders. All the instruction you need to assemble amazing looking flower arrangements and centerpieces is available online.

 2. Choose a venue that is naturally beautiful or already decorated

Many outdoor wedding venues are so scenic, they don't need any embellishment at all. For religious weddings, churches can be the same. Additionally, consider a venue that will already be decked out in holiday decor. Holidays make for a fun, festive wedding theme while also cutting costs. Handing out wedding sparklers to the guests adds even more of a festive glow. 

3. Recruit the talents and support of your friends and family
Consider mentioning in your invitations that friends are encouraged to give gifts of their time and talents instead of money. Chances are you know a lot of talented people, from musicians to craft gurus to those who simply like weddings and would enjoy being included in setting one up. One fabulous aspect of this approach is that people are much more likely to enjoy weddings that personally include them.

4. Forget the typical scheduling

One of the most simple, excellent ideas for a wedding on a tight budget is to adjust scheduling. Afternoon weddings traditionally serve coffee, tea, and sweets instead of a full dinner. Weeknights or Sundays, venues are less in demand, so rental fees will be lower then.

5.  DIY: Wedding tasks you can do yourself
Money-saving DIY projects you can make yourself (without going crazy) include: the ring pillow, flower girl basket, an MP3 playlist in place of a professional band or DJ, hair and makeup, the guestbook, and wedding favors. Pick a few and have fun getting creative!

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