Maximize the ROI on Trinity Solar Panels by Cashing In On SRECs

Before we had solar power, we had sun power! Prior to the inception of solar panels and transformers, we had the original, true blue energy from the sun that we considered to be solar power. The sun is the primary source of heat here on earth and helps with things like photosynthesis to keep life going.

The introduction of solar electricity however, is a pretty new thing dating back to 1943, with society only really getting serious about it as recently as 20 years ago when solar panels became effective enough for both commercial and residential use.

That’s why for those who live in or around Trinity, solar panels have given us a great new way to fire up our gas stoves and keep the lights on at night. You see in Trinity, solar energy is a small piece of the bigger picture in New Jersey, which is closing in on the lead that California has on the solar scale. 

Unlike New Jersey, California does not make use of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), which mandate that electricity suppliers secure a percentage of their electricity from solar power. This creates an incredibly sustainable model for solar energy and reduces the heavy reliance that has been placed on nuclear power plants and fossil fuels over the last few decades. Simply put, individuals who generate electricity using solar have the ability to sell their SRECs for profit!

So, let us count the advantages of Trinity solar panels, shall we? First, you start saving from day one. The amount of energy that you are offsetting by using solar is exactly how much less you will be paying on your monthly bills. Second, you can sell SRECs in order to earn a profit on a portion of the energy that you generate, which is money that goes straight into your bank account. Third, you are eliminating (or at least, reducing) the need for you to take electricity from coal burning plants. Fourth, you are increasing your property value by as much as 5% (yes, you read that right!). When it comes to living in Trinity, solar panels should be a top priority on your new home or renovations list. 

Considering solar but not sure where to start? Get solar for your home at and you are getting choice products at wonderfully competitive prices all while making sure that you’re making environmentally responsible energy decisions.

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