Men and Their Spa Equipment

How many men were present the last time you visited a spa? Nowadays, seeing a man at the spa is not the anomaly it once was. Men are visiting traditional spas almost as often as their female counterparts, and men-only spas keep growing in popularity. The benefits of visiting a spa are the same for men as they are for women: improved appearance, reduced stress levels, and decreased muscle soreness. Spas for men can make it easier for a man, who might otherwise feel embarrassed, to take advantage of spa equipment and treatments like manicures, pedicures, and facials.

It is not uncommon for spa facilities to cater to their manly clientele by featuring salon equipment you wouldn’t necessarily find at a traditional women’s spa. Men-only and unisex spas alike are now featuring non-traditional spa equipment like big screen TVs, salon products marketed towards men, and treatments with names like “the business manicure.”

Making a man feel comfortable is important for salons hoping to attract male customers, so many salons will try to keep their décor gender neutral and sleek while still providing the pampering services a client wants. Most men would feel ridiculous wearing a fluffy, pink robe scented with lavender and getting a flower facial while Enya plays in the background. However, put the same man in a wood paneled room wearing a white robe, hand him a martini, and give him a manicure while watching football, and he’ll feel like James Bond.

If a man still has hesitations about visiting his local spa, it’s perfectly okay to call ahead and ask questions. Spa employees are professionals, trained to handle all manner of customers. Men can ask questions about prices, treatments, available packages, spa equipment, spa products, and even whether other men frequent the facilities. The spa industry serves its clients first and foremost, and a professional spa staff can tailor a client’s visit to make him or her feel pampered and at ease.

Women are not the only ones who should experience the peace and tranquility that comes from using luxury spa equipment and receiving extravagant treatments. After a hard day’s work, men are just as susceptible to the lure of rest and relaxation, and can benefit just as much. In a society where looks and health are equally important to both sexes, spas can’t afford to ignore the metrosexual male who want to look and feel great, because it’s clear he is here to stay.


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