SFTP Hosting: Tips on Searching for the Right Services

As more and more parts of a business move online, the need for file sharing and hosting which is both efficient and affordable becomes increasingly important. Additionally, with potentially sensitive data at stake, you want a solution which you know will be secure.

If this sounds like you or your business, then Secure FTP (SFTP) may be an appropriate solution. FTP allows for the easy, efficient storage, transfer, and sharing of large files. And a Secure FTP solution will ensure that your business doesn't need to unduly worry over the safety of its critical data.

If you find yourself in the market for an SFTP service, then there's a few key components you or your business needs to look for specifically in SFTP hosting. First, make sure that your Secure FTP is in fact secure. Ideally, the service you go with should provide a multitude of security protocols. Redundancy and total coverage is completely mandatory for any type of technology security solution. Look for secure protocols--both SFTP and/or FTPS for the FTP transfer, and HTTPS if a web browser solution is provided. File encryption also makes a key feature, to make sure that your files are safe at all points.

Accessibility, customization, and usability, while not quite as important as security, should still be key concerns in the search for SFTP hosting. A perfect solution will allow you or your business to control exactly what you need to, including creating and managing different user accounts and privileges so that you can be certain everyone can access exactly what they need to, and nothing more. Control how much space each individual user can use, and individual user privileges such as being able to grant sub-admin privileges to whoever you need to.

Other features that can be good to have is the ability to denote certain sections or files as non-encrypted/secure if you wish to also use the SFTP service for general storage of things such as documents or brochures you wish to make available to the public. Look for a service with plenty of space, and the ability to let as many users as you need to access your hosting solution. Allow for scalability.

Finally, if you plan to allow for web browser access, then something which you may wish to consider is the ability to customize the look of the interface which people in your business will see. Maintaining a stable brand and aesthetic presence across all platforms is important for any company. Look for SFTP hosting which allows your company to customize logo and color.

If you keep these things in mind, then SFTP hosting can prove a valuable addition to your company's repertoire of technologies.

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