Spa Products for Fantastic Facials

Since facials are probably the most popular spa treatment of all time, it stands to reason that any discussion of spa products must include information relevant to facials. We're going to take a look at the various products that are essential to have on hand when you're providing facial treatments, as well as some that provide the ability to go the extra mile for your clients. In addition, we'll examine the fact that by recommending certain skin care spa products to all of your clients, you can be serving them more effectively and supplementing your income at the same time.

A facial can really help your clients look their best, and when they look good, they'll feel good, as has been cited by numerous health news articles over the years. Of course, you'll need a facial system to begin with, but by spa products, in this case, we mean those items which you'll need to have on hand and frequently replace. These include such staples as brushes, cotton, gloves, disinfectants, scissors, and tweezers. Even though the proper use of disinfectants will make you have to replace the other items on that list (besides gloves) less often, you will still have to replace them more often than the machine itself.

Some of the spa products that help you provide those extra little finishing touches to your facial clients are some of the same products you might consider recommending to them in order to serve them better and (perhaps) supplement your income. One example of this type of skin care product is body polish. More specifically related to your clients' face themselves, various types of scrubs and powders are also good choices for both of these purposes. Seaweed treatments, mud treatments, and wraps are also popular favorites in this category. All of these are available in home use versions for your clients, and they make the facial experience in your spa itself all the more valuable.

As we've seen, as important as it is to make sure that your spa has adequate supplies on hand in order to provide facials to its clients, it's perhaps equally important to make sure your spa distinguishes itself as one willing to go the extra mile. This is becoming even more important as competition increases, due to the fact that the extra choices available to clients cause them to become (understandably) pickier and pickier. Of course, these rules apply to all of your services, not just facials, as well as to the products that you offer.

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