Super Bowl Continues to be One of the Most watched Spectacles in History

Each year the NFL Super Bowl event seems to set records in viewing prowess and 2012 was no exception. Super Bowl XLVI achieved a new record ratings figure of 111 million viewers, according to the Nielsen report, cementing the event as a must see phenomenon. Over the decades the Super Bowl has become as much a reason to throw a party as St. Patrick's Day, transcending team loyalties and becoming for many more about the spectacle than the final score.

Advertisers have known for years just how popular the Super Bowl is, and they work all year to create that unforgettable commercial that has sports fans buzzing. Spending an average of $103,000 per second to have their ads played during the game breaks of the Super Bowl, the companies can be sure to reach the largest of television audiences. For days following the event, news media raves about the best and worst ads, providing the companies with even more free advertising.

The Super Bowl is also not just about the game itself, a lot of interest is placed on the often visually spectacular halftime show. Recent years have seen performances by such legends as Bruce Springsteen, The Who and The Black Eyed Peas. Often, surprise special guests perform alongside the main artist as well, adding an air of mystery and excitement. At the 2012 halftime show, pop icon Madonna put up a lavish visual spectacular based on ancient world themes including Roman, Greek and Norse mythology. She was joined on stage by the likes of Cee Lo Green and controversial rapper MIA.

Comcast Superbowl

Such a party atmosphere surrounds the Super Bowl that viewers often plan their various gatherings for weeks in advance. An estimated $11 billion is spent each year on goodies for the celebrations, including classic staples such as chicken wings, pizza and various intricate dips. Super Bowl Sunday is also one of the largest pizza delivery days of the year. Pizza Hut is estimated to have supplied around 2 million pies in 2012 alone. 

The biggest game in football continues to be one of the most watched spectacles in history thanks to Comcast, especially in times when people need something to be happy about. Families and friends gather together to enjoy the game and you don't need to be a fan to enjoy the event. 

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