Understanding Internal and External Catheter Options

A catheter is used in many situations to help cleanse the body when the urinary system is not functioning properly. People that have undergone surgery or have had some sort of trauma to their body may find it difficult to urinate, and in this instance, a catheter may need to be used to help regulate the body’s detoxification. In addition to surgery or bodily trauma, people may suffer with the inability to urinate or incontinence, which may also prompt the need to use a catheter.

It is very important that the body cleanses itself of fluids regularly each day, and there are various types of catheters that are designed to facilitate the natural release of these fluids. For some people, they will only need to use catheters while in the hospital. Other people may need to learn how to use a catheter at home to relieve some of the symptoms that arise from urinary problems.

When selecting a catheter, it is important to consult with a physician to see which type you need. Intermittent catheters can be inserted at regular intervals, but do not remain inside the urinary tract for extended periods of time. For people that have trouble urinating, intermittent catheters may be the recommended option. If you are coping with incontinence, you may need a catheter that will remain intact throughout the day so that it will constantly flush your system. An external catheter is another option that you may want to consider. An external catheter is non-invasive and does not require insertion into the urethra to remove bodily fluids. For many men, an external catheter is the preferred option.

Regardless of which type of internal or external catheter that you need, being well supplied with enough catheters to meet your needs is essential. You can order catheters in bulk at a discounted rate so that you will have a supply on hand if you ever need them in the future. You can also order all of these medical supplies online confidentially and securely, which makes the process of restocking your supply much easier.

The medical supply stores now stock the most recent innovations that have been introduced for those that suffer from urinary problems. Health news sites will discuss many of the recent changes that the medical industry has made to catheters to make them more comfortable for everyday use. If you are in need of any supplies to help you with a medical issue, you can find the information and the products that you need online so that you can resolve your issues privately and safely. As with every type of product, you should consult a medical professional for advice on which items will be work best based on your condition.   

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