Vacation in New Hampshire and Relive History

History is almost everywhere that you turn in New Hampshire. One of the original Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution, things have quieted down a little since then. Unlike during those turbulent 1770's, you won't have to compete with any of Her Majesty's soldiers for accommodations in the local Worcester hotel.

It is easy to make reservations online for a cozy room in a hotel in Keene, NH. Several of the prominent hotel chains offer convenient accommodations right in town. There is always some outstanding entertainment available nearby on Main Street at the Colonial Theater.

On the same street there awaits a virtual cavalcade of treasures from the country's past. The Historical Society of Cheshire County chronicles events great and small. During the American Civil War, the First New Hampshire Cavalry distinguished itself admirably. The visitor can learn about times gone by there that helped to shape the future of the nation. One may find an exhibit about the exploits of the average citizenry at the above Historical Society or also at the Horatio Colony Museum.

From your hotel near Plymouth State University it's not too far to go check out the Plymouth Historical Museum. One prominent historical figure who hailed from Plymouth was Brigadier General John L. Thompson. He served the Union during the Civil War and lent General Sheridan a hand raising hell down South. Also nearby is the Silver Center for the Arts.

A comfortable room at a Worcester hotel is a terrific place to begin your historic odyssey. There are a wealth of educational institutions in the area. Many and varied hotel accommodations have established themselves there to the continual benefit of the weary history buffs and others that frequent them.

Of course all of these communities have grown up and have their share of modern day woes. What is so splendid and inspiring about the area is the continuing devotion to the various local histories and the loving preservation thereof. The inhabitants of the many historic communities in the vicinity exude patriotism.

Their commitment to the restoration and protection of the numerous significant sites that are to be found there benefits locals and tourists alike. Surely the important work of maintaining perspective and an ongoing appreciation for historical towns and their relics can only serve to edify all of those involved.

So when you visit for a stay in one of the local hotels, have a soothing cup of tea and let your mind wander to those hectic times when the nation arose to confront the larger issues of the day. While enjoying all of those delicious modern creature comforts and amenities provided at your lodgings, think back and try to recall the events and times and the sacrifices made.


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